The Perverse and The DemonicListen now | Dr. McCullough discusses the "low mimetic" in Dante's encounter  with the grotesque and ridiculous demons of the Malebranche of cantos 21 and 22.
"Of strange new pain, I now must make my verse": The Diviners and Canto 20Listen now (15 min) | Dr. Mark McCullough attempts to make sense of a transitional canto and explicates the "diviners" or the false prophets of Canto 20…
Scum and Villainy of the Holy OrderListen now (23 min) | Bold Dante holds little back from criticizing the church and the evil churchman he finds suffering in Canto 19
Pimps and Flatterers: Welcome to the MalebolgeListen now (22 min) | Dr. McCullough reads canto 18 and offers thoughts on Dante's introduction to the Malebolge ("the evil pockets") of the INFERNO.
Canto 17: The Flight on Geryon, Image of Fraud. Listen now (24 min) | Dr. McCullough arrives at the INFERNO's half way point, discussing Geryon
One, two, three Florentines: Canto 16 of Dante's InfernoListen now (22 min) | In which Dante continues his journey through the third round of violence
Canto 15: Brunetto Latini and Violence against NatureListen now (23 min) | Dr. Mark McCullough works through Dante's ambiguous attitude towards homosexuality in a reading and discussion of Canto 15 of…
Blasphemy! Canto 14 and the character of CapaneusListen now (25 min) | Dr. McCullough marches on through Dante's treatment of anger, this time, anger against God or blasphemy.
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